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Listen without judgment or prejudice Promote your interests through ours Maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fairness in all our dealings Ensure an efficient and orderly administration of justice Charge fair prices for our work Our lawyers are accredited members of the Law Society of NSW and our licensed sponsor is certified by the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (NSW). Our legal team consists of Peter Noveski, Senior Director, Attorney Darren Chennell, Ashley Braz, Conveyor and Receptionist Jamie Milinkovic. At Wollongong Legal, we believe that understanding a client`s legal situation and needs is absolutely crucial to providing quality service. That`s why we promise: Peter is a lateral thinker and his hands-on approach to legal issues and clear conversation attract clients to achieve a positive outcome from simple questions to big business cases. Wollongong Legal Property Law`s team, including its highly qualified licensed developers, paralegals and administrative staff, is led by Peter Noveski, who has over 15 years of experience in real estate law. Our carriers and real estate lawyers are committed to providing affordable transfer services efficiently. Our services cover all areas of commercial and residential real estate sales and purchases, including houses, units, apartments and residential land. Wollongong Legal also works for landlords and tenants in the field of commercial leasing, including retail leasing. Our real estate team understands that timing is often paramount, and to this end ensures that our clients receive practical and effective advice on all their real estate transactions. Our team has extensive residential legal experience, acts and advises developers at every stage of the development process and assists clients by: Our experienced lawyers can help you draft a will to give proper legal effect to your intentions in a will. This is especially important if you have family or loved ones you want to take care of. We will strive to make the process of formulating your intentions effective and clear and to ensure that your will is correct and valid.

We advise you on how to provide appropriate care to your selected beneficiaries. You may want to consider getting a new will or changing your old will if circumstances change, such as getting married, separating, or having children. Businesses can be severely hampered by debtors. Let us accompany you with: Whether you opt for a small residential development or a large multifunctional development, our experienced real estate lawyers advise you efficiently and professionally. From the initial pre-development phase to sale and rental, our lawyers can assist you at every critical stage of the project. Peter is the Managing Counsel of Wollongong Legal and has extensive experience in real estate and commercial law, transactions such as the sale and purchase of companies, construction law, general litigation and debt collection. Peter`s practice focuses on real estate development transactions, with Peter assisting a large number of local developers in their business and transactions. Find out in which court your claim or guilty proceeding will be heard if the matter goes to court.

Wollongong Legal has extensive experience in assisting clients in their business transactions and regularly advises, prepares and negotiates a wide range of contracts. From structuring a new business to buying an existing business, Wollongong Legal can support and advise clients to best meet their specific needs. Our team can work with clients to ensure the smooth running of their business transactions. Don`t take any chances with your license. Our team will do everything possible to solve your problem by keeping you on the road or minimizing fines and license revocation. Whether you`re owed money or someone claims you owe them money, it`s in your best interest to solve the problem quickly and without too much fuss. Our lawyers at Wollongong Legal can assist you throughout the debt collection process. As a general rule, applications must be submitted within 18 months of the date of death of the deceased. Advice on the administration of estates and escrow services Wollongong Legal has the knowledge and practical skills to help resolve complex and sensitive family law issues.

Each case and each client is unique, to which we apply high professional standards and a personal approach. We are committed to resolving our clients` affairs quickly, cost-effectively and, where possible, without having to appear in court. Our experienced lawyers can help clients resolve asset settlements through consent orders or enforceable financial arrangements, understand and work on appropriate parenting arrangements for their children, and prepare and process court applications as needed. (c) the estate or notional estate has sufficient resources to support the applicant after taking into account the needs of the beneficiaries named in the will. Avoid this complicated and chaotic situation by making an appointment today with one of our experienced lawyers on (02) 4225 8611 Please contact the office and make an appointment if you have been charged any of the above fees for a free initial consultation. Darren Chennell, Senior Associate, is a regular speaker at the Offender Intervention Program at Bulli and Lake Illawarra PCYC. Can you claim a benefit from a will for which you were not provided? The experience of our real estate law team in real estate transactions includes: (b) reasonable accommodations for the proper maintenance, education and advancement of the applicant in life were not made by the deceased, and the Supreme Court has the power to appoint an administrator and issue comfort letters in the absence of a valid will. The Succession Act 2006 provides a formula for calculating how much of your assets your family members receive. However, only “eligible persons” receive a benefit, and it is up to the administrator to determine who the deceased`s family is. Usually, when your spouse survives you, he or she will inherit the entire fortune. However, if you have children from another relationship, your estate will be divided between your spouse and children.

We can advise you on the choice of an executor and trustee and help you better understand the rights and roles of trustees, executors and beneficiaries. Wollongong Legal may also advise and prepare contracts, including deeds, options and related construction contracts, including Australian standards, AS4000 HIA and prime contractor contracts. Being accused of a crime can be a daunting experience and have serious consequences. At Wollongong Legal, our lawyers have the expertise to advise you from the moment you are arrested and before your first court appearance, ensuring you know what to expect. At Wollongong Legal, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed every step of the way. Our team will thoroughly analyze your case and prepare it for the court so that we get the best possible outcome for you. Going to court can be a confusing and overwhelming process and our lawyers will guide you through your proceedings and keep you updated on your hearing dates and any developments in your case. Our lawyers know how best to present your case to the court and constantly monitor each appearance in order to continually improve our approach in the future.

Our lawyers appear regularly before the courts and are on the lookout for constant changes in criminal law. We cover the following areas of criminal law: We also have experience advising on home warranty insurance claims and claims under the Construction Industry Payment Guarantee Act, including the preparation of payment claims, payment plans and claims. Our lawyers can advise you and appear in court on your behalf on all aspects of traffic law, including (but not limited to) the following types of offences: At Wollongong Legal, our lawyers can offer you the following services: If you believe you have not been taken care of, we can offer you advice and representation in challenging a will. There are several ways for a person to challenge a will, including: You must fall into one of the categories of “authorised person” under the Family Provisions Act 1982 (NSW). Our lawyers are on hand to help you deal with claims before they get out of hand. We support you with: Wollongong Legal acts for many clients in the construction, construction and development sector. A plaintiff challenging a will may obtain a family retainer order in favour of his or her application if the court decides that: Peter has close community ties and serves on the board of the Macedonian Church in Wollongong and is a devoted family man with two young children.

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