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Does your employer or school require a COVID-19 vaccine to continue employment or enroll in courses? Are you against vaccination against Covid-19 on the basis of a sincere religious belief (as opposed to a philosophical or political position)? Do you have any medical conditions that make the vaccine risky for you? If so, this information may be helpful. You have rights, you just have to assert them. Anyone of any age who has received a covered vaccine and believes they may have been harmed by it can file a petition. Parents, guardians and legal guardians may submit on behalf of children, adults with disabilities and deceased persons. If you are a church or non-profit religious organization with 100 or more employees, we encourage you to join the Alliance of Churches or the ADF Ministerial Alliance. As a member, you will receive legal aid focused on religious freedom, tailored to the needs of your organization and the latest challenges to your freedom, including the Biden administration`s vaccination mandate. – A member on active duty before a general or special court martial is appointed legal officer at no cost to the member. However, a member of the service also has the right, at his own expense, to engage a civilian lawyer at the choice of the member. 10 U.S.C. ยง 838(b)(2), (3), and (4). Conduct by an employee who does not align with the religious beliefs underlying the employee`s religious objection to COVID-19 vaccines may interfere with the employee`s request for religious accommodation. For example, the employee raises a religious objection to a COVID-19 vaccination on the grounds that his body is the “temple of the Holy Ghost” but that he is taking other medications, foods or substances with potentially harmful effects.

In very rare cases, a vaccine can cause a serious problem, such as a severe allergic reaction. Please provide a brief overview of what you would like to do on your behalf and any additional information you may find useful. (max. 2,000 characters for each field) It was created in the 1980s after lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and health care providers threatened to cause vaccine shortages and declining vaccination rates in the United States, which could have led to a resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires employers to offer their employees medical or religious exemptions from vaccination, including for the COVID-19 vaccine. We have obtained exemptions for employees across the country and filed many related files. RELIGIOUS ACCOMMODATION: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits religious discrimination in most employment situations (with some exceptions, for example, for ministerial employees). Therefore, religious beliefs must be taken into account by most employers if it does not place an undue burden on the employer. You should ask for a religious accommodation, even if you do not believe it will be granted. Please read our page on employer responses to Covid-19 regarding vaccination mandates.

If you have already submitted a request, we will not be able to provide additional assistance unless you have received a written rejection of your request. If you have received a written refusal and would like us to review it, please complete our Legal Assistance Form so that we can review your request. Ask yourself if I have a medical condition that can be made worse by the vaccine? Employers and schools should consider doctors` and nurses` notes to determine if they need medical accommodations. The law requires that the process be interactive between the employee or student and the management or administration. Although he exceeded his mandate, he is still subject to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII authorizes employees to require precautions in employer policies that violate the employee`s sincere religious beliefs. While the ADF litigation argues that the vaccination mandate is unconstitutional, we have created this resource page to help private employers, churches, religious non-profit organizations, and individuals navigate the legal landscape surrounding religious objections to vaccination mandates. Government employers. Government employers may also need to provide reasonable accommodation to their employees who sincerely hold religious beliefs that conflict with employer policies, as may private employers. Moreover, unlike private workers, state employers must also respect the constitutional rights of their employees. Thus, a government employee may also have the constitutional right to circumvent the vaccination mandates of the state employer. For example, if a state employer offers exemptions from mandatory vaccination, the Constitution may require that it also offer an exemption on religious grounds.

*Caution: This summary guide is provided as a courtesy only and is not intended to provide legal information or advice to any person or entity. The information contained in this document should only be used for individual advice from a lawyer familiar with the specific situation of the user. This is a fluid and rapidly evolving area of law and, therefore, the accuracy of the information contained in this document must always be verified by independent research. One of the most common questions we get here at Vaccination Injury Lawyers is whether we can help anyone exercise their protected rights to avoid a COVID vaccine imposed by their employer or school. The short answer is that we cannot help. If you have further questions, call 1-800-338-2382 or email However, here is some information you may find useful in the context of an accommodation request as part of a Covid-19 vaccination mandate. If your request for religious accommodation was denied under your employer`s or university`s COVID-19 vaccination mandate and you would like to seek assistance from the Thomas More Society, please complete the legal assistance form available below. Be sure to indicate in your legal aid form when your application was denied.

Please do not submit a mutual legal assistance form unless your request for religious accommodation has already been refused. The Thomas More Society will not respond to requests for assurances of support if requests for religious accommodation are denied in the future. It will assess requests for assistance related to previously rejected religious accommodation requests solely on the basis of the availability of resources at the time of refusal. Our practice continues to focus on helping the injured through vaccination and not avoiding them completely. If you feel you have been injured by a COVID vaccine, you currently do not have a claim under the NVICP —, but you can do so in the near future. The Christian Legal Society has created this website solely to provide information to our members and the public in response to the many requests we have received for information on vaccination mandates. Like many religious freedom organizations, CLS is not accepting vaccination mandates or other COVID-related cases, given the large number of requests. CLS is a bipartisan organization whose members take different positions on the legitimacy of vaccination mandates. Our advice to anyone with a possible COVID injury is to keep a detailed diary of onset, symptoms and treatment, and to receive any necessary or recommended medical treatments.

Following this plan will lay the groundwork for reinstating the harm vaccination program when COVID vaccines are finally included as covered vaccines. Challenges with vaccination mandates are difficult because federal, state, and local laws are at stake and contexts vary greatly depending on whether the person is a member of the military, a government employee, a health care worker, a student, a younger student, or many other variable factors. In addition, the protection of religious freedom at the state and local levels varies from state to state and place to place. Following a lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Society on September 13, 2021, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York issued an injunction on the New York government`s national law on the Healthcare Worker Vaccination Warrant. By listing the possible resources, CLS does not support any of the resources. If you contact any of these resources and they give you advice or agree to represent you, CLS is not part of that contact or representation. This website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal information or legal advice. The following list is not exhaustive and does not constitute a customer relationship or endorsement by any of the organizations mentioned.

At Alliance Defending Freedom, we focus our legal work on five main areas: freedom of religion, freedom of expression, sanctity of life, marriage and family, and parental rights. The ADF does not comment on the COVID-19 vaccine. However, we have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for its mandate to vaccinate private companies and nonprofits, including religious organizations, because, whether vaccinated or not, government encroachments hurt us all. It is not the job of the federal government to dictate to private employers and religious organizations between complying with the vaccination mandate or laying off their employees.

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