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If your fence or pool gate is damaged, you need to repair it immediately. The Queensland Building Commission regulates the design, construction and installation of pool barriers in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 2172.1-2009 Swimming Pools – Barrier Requirements. This document specifies minimum standards for swimming pools that are not located in a building or structure. This Pool Fencing Ordinance applies to all new and existing pools that were modified after December 1, 2010, regardless of when they were built. You may be able to use your perimeter fence as a pool barrier if: If no pool safety certificate is in effect before the contract is entered into or before the settlement, the seller must send a notice of advice accompanied by a notice of no pool safety certificate to the following address: If you need to enter your neighbour`s property to build part of a pool fence, You must obtain authorization. Your request for access must be: You can visit the CSCQ website at for more information on pool safety standards. Queensland government legislation allows the council to impose local fines for pool fences that do not meet standards. This section is only a guide. It does not guarantee that your pool complies with all relevant laws.

We cannot offer site-specific advice. We recommend that you hire a licensed pool safety inspector to inspect your pool and confirm that it is compliant. You and your neighbor are responsible for maintaining this barrier in accordance with pool safety laws. Discuss your fencing work with your neighbor before making a decision. Talk about the changes you need to make to the fence to comply with pool safety laws, or the new fence you want to build to surround your pool. If the gate is non-compliant, you must obtain a notice of non-compliance from a licensed pool safety inspector before you start work on the new barrier. The new barrier must be re-inspected by the same inspector within three months and the work must be carried out during the inspection period specified in the notice. Displaying a compliant CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) mark is an important part of pool safety. All fences and pool barriers must comply with Queensland Development Code MP 3.4 – Swimming Pool Barriers (PDF, 5.4MB). This code calls for and modifies the Australian standard AS1926.2007. If the rails outside the fence are at least 900 mm apart, vertical elements such as columns, slats or wires can be up to 100 mm apart.

Council considers all complaints regarding pool fencing to be urgent. Call the council on 07 3403 8888 to report any problems with the pool fence. Doors must not open to the pool area and must also be self-closed and self-locking. In the case of gate locks, they must be at least 1500 mm above the ground to comply with the rules of the pool fence. If it is determined that your pool is compliant, you will receive a Form 23, which is the pool safety certificate. In case of non-compliance, you will receive a Form 26 stating that your pool does not meet the safety standard and the things you need to do to complain about it. Within three months, you must have corrected the necessary areas and requested a new inspection of your pool. • For pool fences measuring a height of less than 1800 mm, the non-climbable area must be outside. For pool fences from a height of 1800 mm, the area can be located outside or inside the pool fence.

Your local board may have rules to increase the height of your fence to more than 2m. Contact them for advice before building. If you require a temporary fence for more than 3 months, you will need to contact the certifier or pool safety inspector to re-inspect your fence and provide written permission for later use. Option 2 – Build your fence more than 1800 mm high and: • Items such as garden furniture, cornices, retaining walls and potted plants with a horizontal surface of more than 10 mm should be removed from the non-climbing area. This eliminates the chances of kids getting a foot or handle to enter the pool. You can access a copy of the certificate in the QBCC pool registry.

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