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This HR law training for managers and supervisors is tailored to the needs of your organization. This training booklet for supervisors comes from Managing within the Law, a five-hour training program presented by Harper Gerlach. This 75+ page manual includes Florida protected class lists, unlimited employment, Florida special labor laws, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, family vacations, documentation, hiring/interview rules, suggested interview questions, and more. Click on the link above to visit our HR store. Let`s do racial justice! We are proud to present this interactive two-part workshop on the 7 keys to anti-racism surveillance. In our first 90 minutes together, we`ll talk about the myths that perpetuate white supremacy, how dominant white cultures permeate our workplaces, and what you can do to create a more equitable work culture. In the second 90-minute block, we`ll help you be a more inclusive supervisor. We`re going to spend time on critical feedback – how we can give it to someone else who says or does something racist, and how we get it when we`re the ones doing harm. No matter where you`re from, we want everyone to leave this session more curious, confident and ready to bring the 7 keys to work! Ensure company policies and legal guidelines are followed before firing an employee Supervisors and managers represent their employers when interacting with employees. In this controversial business environment, supervisors need a thorough understanding of employment law and the policies and practices needed to prevent employment-related lawsuits. Your company can avoid potential legal problems by training your managers and supervisors to understand federal and state labor laws. Tom has provided a specialized training program for managers and supervisors on a wide range of employment law issues.

We found that labour disputes are often the result of the actions or statements of a front-line supervisor. Whether or not an employee supports an external work organization also depends heavily on their relationship with their immediate supervisor. We take a firm and proactive stance in providing training to avoid legal fees and litigation for our clients. In this presentation, Courtney Bru, Labour and Employment Lawyer at McAfee & Taft, discusses the responsibilities of supervisors and managers to ensure employees keep accurate time records and are accurately compensated for the work they do. Topics include: Time recording Rest periods and meal breaks Overtime Employee Questions and Concerns For this presentation is a subscription to employment law. Additional sessions include: Core Tasks of Legal Aid Regulators – This session provides an overview of the multi-faceted role of the Legal Ombudsman and the importance of spending time on intentional and proactive monitoring. It outlines the many opportunities for strengthening supervisory skills that this training offers. Surveillance Systems – This session provides an overview of a comprehensive and intentional surveillance system.

We will discuss the importance of intentional oversight and examine the components of a surveillance system that strengthens your entity and program and helps ensure that high-quality legal work is provided to clients. The challenges of remote monitoring are taken into account when examining aspects of quality systems. Retention of qualified staff and creating a culture of professional development – This session will be a group discussion moderated by two experienced supervisors and two new legal aid supervisors who will discuss the ingredients needed to retain employees once you have invested time and effort in training. The committee will examine how retention begins with the hiring process and aligns new employees with the organization`s objectives. The importance of transparency in oversight and program activities, second-hand trauma and awareness of the challenges of legal aid work, the creation of formal and informal leadership opportunities, and how all of these issues relate to other important issues addressed in this training. Click here for more information about the session. More information, including the announcement of speakers, will follow shortly. The best way to win an employment case is not to be involved in a lawsuit. That is why we attach great importance to preventive measures, including management training and a sound human resources policy. We have conducted training programs in the following areas: If you intend to stay in business, your business will likely face unique challenges. While it`s difficult to avoid all labor disputes, a good understanding of the legal issues that can affect your business can help your business avoid many of these conflicts. From single-topic discussion to formal supervisor training, Coast Employment Law`s experienced Orange County supervisor training attorneys are ready to serve your business and meet your legal needs.

In this presentation, Charlie Plumb, employment lawyer at McAfee & Taft, discusses the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the rights it gives employees to treat their own health issues and those of their immediate family members. It also covers the responsibilities of superiors and managers under . *MIE is co-sponsoring this training with the Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Indiana Region IV Regional Training Committee (CORT). Milo Primeaux, Esq. (he/she) is a white queer transgender person and long-time advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and anti-oppression. In addition to a solo civil rights practice in New York State focused on LGBTQ+ discrimination, Milo is the founder and CEO of Just Roots Consulting, LLC, which helps organizations nationwide become industry leaders in equity and inclusion. Milo brings nearly 20 years of professional experience to educate people about their legal rights, develop new leaders and foster critical awareness based on anti-oppressive principles and cultural humility. He is a graduate of Ohio State University and the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law. Employers who fail to train managers and supervisors on their responsibilities have been found by the courts to be “wilful disregard for the law.” In this on-site seminar, you will learn how to act within the guidelines of employment law and become a better manager or supervisor in the process. Don`t be afraid of the law – understand the law.

As you know, labor lawsuits include claims such as harassment, discrimination, wages, leave, wrongful dismissals, and/or retaliation. With the training that our Orange County supervisor training lawyers can provide to managers and supervisors, many employment claims can be bypassed before turning into a lawsuit. The effectiveness of our management and supervisor training is reflected in the large number of California companies that entrust us with such training and their other legal needs. Contact Eric Mittelstadt, CEF Program Director, for any questions or adaptations. This employment law workshop for managers and supervisors can be held at your site. From harassment issues to disciplinary action, managers and supervisors learn about their legal obligations and management requirements under state and federal labor laws. Not understanding and not knowing about personnel laws can be the most costly mistake a manager can make. All executives, managers and supervisors who need to know how to avoid employment law mistakes – including unintentional errors – that can have harmful and costly effects.

presented by CEF and Regional Education Committee (RTC)* Due to the great interest, this event is sold out. Please email Erica M. Szuplat, Administrative Assistant, MIE, being placed on a waiting list for this event. In this presentation, Courtney Bru, employment lawyer at McAfee & Taft, discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act, the rights it grants to “qualified” employees, the responsibility of employees to comply with certain requirements to protect these rights, the interactive process for housing, and the critical role supervisors play in meeting employer obligations. At Coast Employment Law, our Orange County supervisor trained lawyers have years of experience in employment law.

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