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CLAM provides free legal representation to poor people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Her Family Rights Initiative protects abused women and children and frees them from the deadly cycle of domestic violence. CLAM also acts as a litigation guardian for children to ensure that their interests are represented in legal proceedings. The Immigration Law Initiative guides immigrants in applying for citizenship, keeps families intact by preventing deportation, and establishes guardianship for children who come to the United States without their parents. Finally, the Veterans Advocacy Project provides legal aid and support to veterans who suffer from stress, health issues, family problems and homelessness. CLAM removes barriers that prevent some veterans from obtaining VA benefits or finding employment. St. Francis Community Services strives to be a catalyst for change by helping people overcome poverty and work for a better life. St. Francis offers legal aid, youth programs, bilingual psychological counselling, case management and more.

As of August 1, rent and mortgage payments will become due, as will unemployment benefits and the remaining state and local government protection against evictions. Jobs remain scarce and financial support is declining, and families who were able to make ends meet before COVID are now unable to pay rent and deliver food. Learn more about some of our works as described in the stories below. For media inquiries or partnerships, please contact Director of Development, Heather Kemper. In the News June 2022: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Martinez heads the charity`s immigration services” June 2022: St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “St. Francis Community Services. Filling a critical gap in the accessibility of legal services for veterans Practicing the teachings, compassion and love of Jesus Christ, St.

Francis Community Services serves individuals and families in need through culturally appropriate community programs that help people recognize their strengths, overcome barriers and build a better future. Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry, a program of St. Francis Community Services, has been providing civil legal assistance to the St. Louis metropolitan area and surrounding counties for over thirty years. Each year, we provide legal assistance in more than 1,500 cases in the areas of immigration law, veterans` representation, family law and guardianship, housing crises and municipal litigation. We serve clients with a federal poverty line of 150% or less. Our Veterans Advocacy project works with marginalized veterans to resolve pending tickets or warrants and driver`s licence barriers, ensure veterans remain housed, and navigate community resources. Serving St. For over thirty years, our legal practice has ensured that clients are represented in court, even if they cannot afford a private lawyer.

Last year, we helped 1,532 people who seek trauma-informed legal advice resolve civil cases and improve the quality of life for our clients. Southside fights for the legal rights of clients who otherwise would not be able to afford a lawyer, supports and empowers immigrant and refugee families across the region, while meeting the needs of the Bevo neighborhood in south St. Louis. Bilingual services are provided in a culturally sensitive and linguistically competent environment. At Southside`s mental health department, Spanish-speaking therapists work with Latino children and families to treat trauma and heal relationships. Meanwhile, a child welfare program offers bilingual groups in the afternoon, tutoring and a summer camp. The group “Amigas Latinas” educates and empowers women. A Vietnamese health clinic run by the Institute of Family Medicine provides Vietnamese seniors and their families with chronic disease management and primary health care. A group of Vietnamese elders offer social and educational experiences that reduce the isolation of these seniors. Bilingual case management helps all clients navigate demanding systems, overcome service barriers and achieve financial stability.

Southside recently moved to the campus of St. John the Baptist Parish and, in partnership with the community, is expanding services for neighbourhood residents, particularly in the areas of housing counselling, rent/mortgage assistance and financial education. When Lena Salameh thinks of people seeking asylum and being released from deportation, she says, “I often think of Warsan Shire`s poem, `No one leaves the house unless the house is the mouth of a shark.` She describes her own family`s immigration journey – her father emigrated when he was. In St. Meredith Rataj, a site manager and therapist at Francis Community Services` Southside Center, leads a mother through a small sea of Christmas packages to her family`s gifts. While employees try to determine if the many packages fit in her car, the mother has other considerations. Looking. Our immigration law department helps immigrants seek asylum, obtain citizenship, reunite with their families and avoid deportation. Paid parking, paid garages and paid parking are located close to CLAM. Metro bus stops and a Metrolink stop are within walking distance. Our family law department advocates for victims of domestic violence, protects the rights of abused or neglected children, and helps families apply for guardianship.

Prioritizing the representation of women and children in court (pictured above: St. Francis Community Services marches at the November 2018 Stand Up for Women Veterans Parade) Stephanie Lummus, a lawyer with the Veterans Advocacy Project, often spends her Thursdays outside the office of St. Francis Community Services` Catholic Legal Aid Office. She prepares for the city`s diversion court and evaluates the courtroom. Our housing law department supports clients in the fight for their rental rights and supports clients threatened with eviction. Keeping families together by fighting for immigrants` rights in court.

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