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Are you Name removed. I need to discuss with you regarding Ted austin. mail me with full names, ,occupation & telephone.

make hotel reservation for my staff coming to your country for a 10 day design course organized by my company Kindly provide me with the rate for the period below: Check in date :10-10-2012 Check out date :20-10-2012 Duration of stay :10 days Guest Number :five None smoking room Room Type :5 SGL


Kindly provide me with the total rate for this period and i shall get back to you with the Payment of the total cost of their stay.

I shall be responsible for all the payment for these services and it will be made via my secured credit cards(MasterCard/Visa) in advance before the arrival of my staff.

Am Wang Helen, owner of Gilberkinz

Also note that i will not allowed my credit card been used for Guarantee i will like to settle the bills before the arrival of my guest.

I only have availability from the fully booked on the 12 and 13 October, the cost per night for a 1 bedroom unit is $ per person.

The cost is $ per night plus $ for breakfast making a total of $ per night for each person.

Thanks for the bookings & confirmations. Sorry for my late reply, the total cost of the accommodation is quite okay by me and I’m ready to pay the bills. Also want you to help me Charge another US$4,500 to a travel agent who has issued my guests air flight ticket to your hotel.

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