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From your PC, connect to the link provided by the branch (for optimal operation of the platform, it is strongly recommended to use Chrome browser version 80 or later). When you log in for the first time, click the “Register” button to create your own profile. Do you still have doubts about the functionality of the platform? Please read the FAQ below. If you encounter any connection issues, please contact PwC Support If you wish to have direct access to the platform, please contact your reference office, who will give you the access link and a unique personal code. If you have reset your password and are unable to log in to the platform, please wait 24 hours before logging in again. Below you will find useful content to better understand the legislation and detailed instructions for accessing and using the Ecobonus platform. In this case, PwC developed an IT platform to help clients of financial institutions carry out their loan preparation activities. If necessary, we invite you to log in to the Platform and send your support request using the available and relevant categories with the request at the following link. The only official point of contact for PwC is the helpdesk channel, accessible via the form on the platform (no email). We also remind you that there are no intermediaries, intermediaries or aggregators acting on behalf of PwC or other points of contact such as forms, social channels or telephone numbers. Understand the legislation and how the Ecobonus platform works Ance Brescia, Ance Cremona and Ance Pavia offer your company`s free online analysis service to help you access loans more easily. Are you a partner? You can ask the platform for the rating of your company or the project rating developed by modefinance, a rating company recognized by ESMA.

Tickets opened on the platform are collected by the responsible team within an average of 3 working days. Subsequently, depending on the nature and complexity of the request, they are resolved and closed within 4 to 8 business days (note: these deadlines may be extended if there is a high or abnormal number of requests for assistance). It is clarified that the positive result of the audits carried out by PwC does not guarantee the completion of the sale/financing process, as the banks also carry out project and client assessments. The Ecobonus platform manages both construction interventions that result in the so-called “Superbonus 110%” deduction and all other structural interventions that depend on tax regulations already in force before the publication of the decree (for example, “bonus facades”, “extraordinary renovation measures”, etc.) with tax deduction percentages of less than 110%. Consult the FAQ on the platform for the complete list of interventions. Only for corporate clients of credit institutions that have signed an agreement with PwC TLS on the management of tax aspects, a dedicated platform will be made available to facilitate the exchange and archiving of documents at each stage of the procedure provided for in Legislative Decree 34/2020. The Ecobonus platform makes it possible to carry out document collection activities to verify that the downloaded data and documents are eligible for the deduction for construction work provided for by the tax legislation in force. Once the profile is created, you can access the platform at any time by entering the following credentials: Thanks to the agreement signed by Ance Brescia, Ance Cremona and Ance Pavia will be able to support the company with a team of professionals able to follow different areas: on the one hand, the accountants and accountants of PwC TLS for the management of tax and administrative aspects, on the other hand, We Project engineers for technical and design controls. In this case, the Superbonus is due provided that at least 30% of the total intervention has been reached by 30.09.22, in the calculation of which work not facilitated by the Superbonus can also be included. The Advisory Committee for the Monitoring of the Application of Ministerial Decree No. 58 of 28.02.2017 requires the project manager, on the basis of appropriate documentary evidence, to draw up the certificate attesting that the threshold of 30% of the total intervention has been reached.

The same Commission recommends that this certificate be drawn up as soon as the documents and checks are received. The Commission also proposes to send this declaration without delay by JEP or registered letter to the customer and the company. At the time of assignment of the loan, many banks require the remitter to declare and prove timely sending to the company and customer by registered mail or registered mail. In general, banks will ask to verify that this delivery was made no later than the first days of October 2022 (some banks require proof that the shipment took place before October 7, 2022). It is advisable to work by the hour. ATTENTION: The threshold of 30% of the total intervention must not coincide with the progress of the work required to decide on the discount on the invoice or the allocation of the loan, because the rules use a different formulation. Contact your trusted professional if you have any doubts about this. Several banks have prepared a replacement declaration form to assist the manager in preparing this certificate. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all its glory. Together with our professionals, we carry out the practices to free you from all technical, bureaucratic and fiscal problems and to ensure compliance with established deadlines. Our energy advisor will take care of finding the most suitable solution for you and your needs and provide you with our best offer to achieve the result.

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