Natsu runs back to the group after <a href=""></a> seeing Erza battling Erza Knightwalker

Suddenly, an Erza, whom Gray and Natsu identify as Edolas’ Erza based on her attire, arrives on the scene and seemingly knocks them out

At first, Natsu is confused about the situation until Lucy and Wendy explain that Gajeel, Gray and Erza showed up. Now cleared up, the group splits into two: Gray traveling with Natsu and Lucy to find the king, while Wendy and Carla go to Extalia to warn the Exceeds. [155] Gray and Lucy suspect that the King is in some important place, but Lucy starts to wonder since the courtyard and prison were in such strange locations for a castle. Natsu and Gray then summarize her whole speech as saying that the castle has a strange layout. Lucy responds by saying that she wouldn’t be surprised if it contained an amusement park, and to their surprise, her prediction really comes true a few seconds later. However, Sugarboy and Hughes are inside the park, and they prepare to battle the three. [156] Hughes starts the battle by sending a Viking ship straight into their path, but Gray blocks it with his Ice Shield, making Sugarboy and Hughes wonder about the nature of Earthland’s magic. As Natsu then flies off to battle Hughes, Sugarboy traps both Gray and Lucy by softening the ground such that they sink waist-deep into it. Seeing Natsu helpless on the Hell’s Coaster, Gray manages to physically pull out Lucy from the ground and throw her towards Natsu, freeing her to help Natsu. He then uses Ice-Make: Grappling Hook to escape from Sugarboy’s attack before creating a giant death scythe to attack Sugarboy. However, his Magic proves ineffective because Sugarboy’s weapon, Rosa Espada, makes anything limp and soft, including ice. [157]

Sugarboy informs Gray that the cannon can return his friends back to normal if fired on the Lacrima itself

Later, when Sugarboy steals the key from Coco and slides away, Gray reappears, riding a motorcycle, and begins chasing after Sugarboy. [158] Sugarboy tries to stop Gray by using his Rosa Espada on a section of the ground, but Gray merely dodges it and continues. As the chase continues, Gray asks how Sugarboy is able to keep sliding, but the latter does not know either. He then asks the purpose of the key, to which Sugarboy replies that it’s meant to activate the Dragon Chain Cannon. Gray then freezes the ground, which causes Sugarboy to slide out of control as, though Rosa Espada can soften a substance, it cannot change its properties, so the ice remains as slippery as before. With Sugarboy stopped and distracted by the motorcycle that he throws, Gray takes the opportunity to grab and freeze the key, hoping it will shatter, but to no avail. Realizing that it wouldn’t shatter easily, Gray decides to freeze it so that it can never be used. Sugarboy says that he can just soften the ice to get the key, but hesitates to do so when Gray explains that he might damage the key in the process. The two begin to fight again, but when the key begins to crack, Sugarboy tries to stop the fight. As Sugarboy tries to buy some time, Gray shatters the key. Angered by Gray’s action, Sugarboy furiously attacks Gray with the Rosa Espada, but Gray defeats him with his finishing technique, Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance. While Sugarboy yells at Gray for being reckless, the latter creates a duplicate of the key using Magic. [159] Natsu later catches up to him and learns that they need to use the cannon and fire it on the Lacrima instead of the island it is floating on, so that the Dragon Slayer Magic can be transferred to the Lacrima, thus destroying it and releasing their friends. She then ties them up and brings them to the king. [160]

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