Dating isn’t what most of us make it to be

While some can get potential suitors quickly and achieve a higher body count, others are left on the sidelines. If you’re amongst the latter group, you aren’t alone, even though it feels that way. That said, there’s still hope for you as you can up your game and score a perfect date at online dating portals. The platform we’ll be focusing on today? ePassion.

Once you hop on the ePassion platform, this air of security and safety instantly hits you. Well, upon inception, this was the goal of ePassion operators. This portal gives people tired of their relationships and seeking a new lease of life the opportunity to do so without being caught. Conversely, if you haven’t experienced an actual date before, there are tons of alternatives to cater to your needs.

To give prospective users an idea of the extensivity on display at ePassion, this affair portal caters to people looking for polygamous, monogamous, and open relationships. Unlike the days gone by, seeking dates on the Internet has become the norm, and people are taking full advantage of the mediums available. Operating seamlessly in over 50 countries, ePassion makes online dating immersive in all ramifications.

EPassion Review

A dating portal powered by the revered Ashley Madison, hitting the “Join” icon got our sign-up journey up and running. For those who constantly fret about giving too much information, you might want to keep calm, as ePassion requires details that are instrumental in providing you with an encapsulating online dating experience. For context, we went through further information ranging from username, relationship status, birthdate, ethnicity, and email address. Although there were other bits, you’ll get the drift when you encounter sign up.

After you’ve gone through registration, you’re asked to verify your account via email. Getting this done and ticking some checkboxes that tallied our dating adventure, we entered ePassion proper and true to the rumours; there were numerous OPTIONS! Spending some time on this dating site, we made a few discoveries. To ensure that our unbiased stance remains evergreen, here are the pros and cons of ePassion:

  • Populated by users that are engaged in serious relationships but seeking a new fun outlet
  • Over 100,000 accounts are registered monthly at ePassion
  • Regarding age distribution, active ePassion users are mostly middle-aged
  • Has a presence in over 50 countries
  • They’ve gotten quite a reputation since they came into the online dating
  • ePassion doesn’t charge female users a “dime” to enjoy premium features

Why Should You Go with ePassion?

This question has remained a recurrent query amongst prospective users looking to seek a date on ePassion. Before engaging a dating portal, most people want to know what they’ll be getting in return. Well, this isn’t surprising, as everyone wants to get value for their money. Consequently, we’ll be giving some detailed reasons as to why ePassion should rank high on your online dating platform “menu.”

Still focusing on safety and security, ePassion has made it mandatory for users to undergo email verification. While this might seem like the norm at other sites, we noticed that the format at ePassion wasn’t a farce. How? Upon registration, we weren’t greeted with numerous messages from generic bots. Even for us, this was a FIRST!

Another reason why ePassion might be the solution to all your dating needs is its “Filter” add-on. By clicking the corresponding icon at the top right corner of your screen, you can sift out matches that meet your specifications to the “T.” To give some insight on how detailed this category is, you can make selections based on a person’s age, location, posts, body type, ethnicity, languages, and more. For us, what caught our fancy was the location alternative. With this nifty feature enabled, you can find a match that resides close to you. So, if you had reservations about travel expenses on dates, this worry is expunged at ePassion.

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