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According to the Robert Half 2021 Salary Guide, the average salary for higher-level paralegals ranges from $62,000 to $105,000. However, previous salary guides point out that salary varies depending on the size of the law firm: family paralegals earn an average of $59,000 per year, enough to rank them 12th on our list of highest-paid paralegals. Family law paralegals are generally employed by lawyers who specialize in the following areas: Since 2014, NALA has reported that approximately 80% of all paralegals reported that their employer provided and contributed to a pension plan, while 35% reported that their employer offered profit-sharing plans. In addition, 25-30% of paralegal employers offered health, dental and vision insurance. At the top of the list of highest-paid metropolitan areas was Napa, California, where paralegals earned an average of $93,110 per year. The salary was much lower in some parts of the south. In states such as Arkansas, Louisianana and Missippi, paralegals earned average salaries between $39,500 and $48,260 per year. The cost of living in a given region is an important consideration when comparing wages. For example, a paralegal earning $50,000 a year in Little Rock, Arkansas, would have to earn $101,730 to have comparable purchasing power in San Francisco, according to CNN Money`s “cost of living” calculator. As with all occupations, paralegals` wages are largely determined by the labour market and demand in the state or region where they work. For example, it`s no surprise that paralegals in states like California ($56,950) earn significantly more than their North Dakota counterparts ($43,380). If you`re interested in real estate, this paralegal section may be just what you`re looking for.

Real estate paralegals earn an average of just over $53,000 per year. They ensure seamless communication between lawyers, buyers, sellers, lenders and agents and can be hired by any of these parties. Tasks include: Mid-sized companies with revenues between $25 million and $250 million would typically pay their entry-level paralegals between $46,000 and $58,000. Average paralegals could typically expect between $56,000 and $68,000, while older paralegals would likely earn between $68,000 and about $89,000 per year. Employees, curious to know how much do your paralegal servants earn? Paralegals, curious about how much do your colleagues earn across the country? We have collected a few data points for you. We asked you for information about paralegal salaries. We received these answers (all class years are bachelor`s degrees rather than law studies): The job of a freelance paralegal is ideal for the paralegal who is interested in part-time work. Independent paralegals – sometimes called contract paralegals – work for lawyers on a fixed-term contract basis. This means that independent paralegals are their own bosses and can work whenever and wherever they want. Typical tasks of a freelance paralegal are as follows: Compensation is one of the biggest concerns that make aspiring paralegals think about entering the industry.

This is expected, mainly because of the lack of prestige associated with this industry; But this is no longer the case. There are many factors that go into determining a paralegal`s salary, including years of experience, the size of the business, the location of your business, and the benefits offered by your employer. Learn more about how to become a paralegal with silly question here, because I`m new to Reddit. What is the “Great Law”? In 29 years as a paralegal, I have never heard that term. I apologize for my ignorance. The role of the paralegal assistant is very similar to that of some of the other “assistant” positions listed on our list. Usually, a company has one or the other. Paralegal assistants are primarily responsible for helping lawyers prepare for meetings and trials. They do this from paralegals are crucial to legal work in the United States. Their ability to analyze the law, help lawyers and work with companies makes them the most valuable professionals in the field of law.

When a paralegal enters the workforce, they want their salary to reflect the value they bring to their position. While much has changed in the paralegal profession in recent years, some paralegal jobs pay more than others. Here are the 30 highest-paying paralegal jobs: Another of the highest-paying paralegal positions is the criminal paralegal position.

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