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The complete set allows you to modernize the V8 sound with a sound amplifier and sound actuator. If your Audi A4 already has an Active Sound exhaust system, you can use our Sound Booster (including the .app control). Implement individual settings and expand your active audio system with additional functions. Hitting a base note is a crucial first step in developing a car`s sound, but it`s not the end of the story. They also need gradations: low frequencies evoke self-confidence, mediums express sportiness and agility. High frequencies, on the other hand, give a certain shine and fit well into the electric soundscape of an electric car. If you are not satisfied with the sound of the engine of your Audi A4, you could be our complete Active Sound set for V8 sound upgrade. Adjust the engine sound of your Audi A4 with our sound module products. And what about vehicles equipped with a sound actuator and a sound module? That`s not a problem! Retrofitting is possible on many models.

– just turn the sound off and on – Selecting different sound files – The individual sound profile can be set up and recorded – Volume control – Disappointed and can be activated – Connecting via Bluetooth “The sound of a car is very similar to music. With a title melody, you need a kind of hook – a catchy and immediately recognizable melody. In my search for the characteristic sound of the Audi e-tron GT quattro, I left nothing to chance and tried everything from the violin to the electric guitar to the Australian didgeridoo. But none of this seemed right. So I started experimenting with everyday objects and finally got what I was looking for. I put a fan in front of the opening at one end of a cylindrical object and listened to what was coming out at the other end. It was a very special and deep roar. I knew right away that I had my basic grade,” Halbmeir recalls. In general, it`s easier here for cars that already have an ex-factory sound actuator. Our sound module is for these owners, the Active Sound Unit, can be used as an extension of the existing system. In addition, you can buy exhaust systems with integrated sound propulsion.

Such an exhaust complies with the ECE / EG / TÜV standard and has a certificate. The control modules regulate both the inner and outer tone. Both control units continuously remix the soundtrack of the Audi e-tron GT quattro depending on factors such as speed and accelerator pedal position. Adjustments to the driving situation are made in real time. Driving modes also play a role. Thanks to the standard Audi drive select1 driving dynamics system, the sound characteristics can be modulated in several stages. You have three options to choose from: efficiency, comfort and dynamism. This gives the driver hands-free to choose the soundtrack of the fully electric Gran Turismo. The outside sound is emitted via a speaker at the front of the vehicle. The standard audio package of the Audi RS e-tron GT also includes another speaker on the rear and two inside in the rear doors.

Rudolf Halbmeir describes the sound of Gran Turismo as follows: “We have deliberately avoided imitating combustion engines and spaceships in science fiction films. Instead, the Audi e-tron GT quattro has a sporty, full-bodied rumble that exudes superior quality. All this makes it absolutely unmistakable. It`s an amalgam of familiar sound patterns and new futuristic elements. The functionality of sound amplifiers is comparable to that of a speaker. However, the term speaker is not used in connection with the Active Sound System. This is called an actuator. In addition to the term actuator, the terms sound amplifier, sound generator, actuator or noise generator can also be used.

A sound amplifier is installed under the vehicle or, depending on the manufacturer, directly on the exhaust system. The drive operates independently of the exhaust system and has nothing to do with exhaust gas generation. In addition to the sound amplifier or actuator itself, control units, brackets and cables are also required for the operation of an active audio system. Without a control unit used to generate sound, sound amplifiers are useless. We hope that you will receive the information report on the term sound generator from the field of autotuning. Our goal is to be the largest tuning dictionary in the German language (tuning Wikipedia) and to explain mood terms from A to Z in a simple and understandable way. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we have come, you can see it HERE. Soon, the next set-up scene concept will be illuminated by us.

By the way, you will be informed of new topics if you have subscribed to our feed. As sound engineers at Audi, Rudolf Halbmeir and Stephan Gsell not only have incredible hearing, but also a lot of experience. Rudolf Halbmeir has been designing vehicle noises for almost 20 years. With the switch to electromobility, the nature of work here has changed. Halbmeir explains: “In my first nine years at Audi, I mainly focused on making cars with quieter combustion engines. Then my supervisor at the time asked me if I would be interested in creating sounds for electric models. Stephan Gsell joined the team almost five years ago. Initially, he also had the task of making vehicles quieter until the first Audi hybrid model arrived and changed the game. Moreover, the Active Sound Unit is the 2nd generation of our sound module. The functions of the control system are already integrated into it and are now obsolete with regard to active acoustic reinforcement technology. The technique is used to create artificial exhaust and engine noise.

The Active Sound System works like a speaker. An automotive supplier from Esslingen (Neckar), Eberspächer, has developed the Active Sound Speaker as an alternative to the silencer. The technology meant that the original exhaust sound had to be erased. The technology is not used in the field of tuning to turn off exhaust noise, but to increase exhaust noise and serve as the main generation source. Such a system is used, for example, in VW vehicles such as the Golf GTD or Audi vehicles such as the Audi A6 TDI. Some automobiles come standard with an active audio system. In some countries, such a system can be modernized. In Germany, however, a system of its asset above a certain volume is no longer allowed. Here, the regulations have changed dramatically.

The Audi e-tron GT quattro has an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS). As an external acoustic alarm, this ensures that pedestrians in urban traffic are informed of the vehicle`s approach. However, the range of sounds generated by the Audi e-tron GT qauttro goes far beyond AVAS regulations. Active Sound is the term for sound modules that can be installed on a diesel engine, for example, or installed ex works. The active audio system can drown out the annoying noise of a diesel engine while providing rich sound to the occupants and the outside world. The tuning industry provides new technologies in the field of sound amplifiers and sound modules that are worth a look. Below, the Active Sound area is brought closer together. If you want even more sound, especially in the low frequency range, you can install another sound actuator in your car. In addition, there has recently been an additional actuator for sound in the high frequency range. This makes this CSR, the Reality Sound Extender, possible.

Some manufacturers have already integrated a sound actuator into their ex-factory models. A sound module, on the other hand, extends the functionality of the existing system and can simply be plugged into these vehicles and Play to be connected. The control of this sound amplifier works intuitively and easily with the original buttons or via the app.

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