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Question: I have insurance-related certifications, accreditations or other professional qualifications. Do I need additional training in Arizona Insurance? In order to sell long-term care policies, producers who are licensed in the areas of accidents and health or illness must meet two requirements. First, they must complete a single eight-hour course in long-term care for initial admission. After that, they must take an additional four-hour CE course every two years. This is in addition to the standard 48 hours of CE required. Unlike other CE requirements in Arizona, these courses must be taken twice per license term instead of once, for a total of eight hours per license term. A producer who completed the initial requirements of the pension training course before 31/12/2020 was granted a grace period until 30/06/2021 to take the new 1 or 4 hour training course. You can sell, apply for and negotiate pensions during this period. Initial Training Requirement: An individual licensee may not sell, apply for, or negotiate long-term care insurance unless they hold an accident and health or health insurance producer`s license and complete eight hours of Arizona-approved long-term care training. ARS § 20-1691.12 (A) (2) A non-resident must either attend an Arizona-approved long-term care course or meet an essentially similar requirement in the licensee`s home state. ARS § 20-1691.12 (F) Continuing Education Requirement: An individual licensee must complete four hours of Arizona-approved long-term care training after the two-year period during which they completed the first long-term care training. ARS § 20-1691.12 (A) (3) A non-resident must either complete long-term nursing training approved by Arizona or meet an essentially similar requirement in the licensee`s home state. ARS § 20-1691.12 (F) Arizona-Approved Long-Term Care Education means an Arizona-approved continuing education course in insurance that includes long-term care content as determined by the Continuing Education Administrator.

By completing long-term nursing training, you also get a loan that you can apply for to meet Arizona`s insurance training requirements. A producer who has NOT completed the initial requirements of the annuity training course before 12/31/2020, or a producer who has not completed the updated training before 6/30/2021, will not be able to sell, apply for or negotiate annuities until the 4-hour annuity best interest course is completed. Meets the NFIP requirement for the sale of flood insurance. Meets the az requirement for the sale of LTC and annuities. If you sell National Flood Insurance Program (“NFIP”) insurance policies, you must meet the training requirements established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). You can get insurance credit from Arizona if you take NFIP training courses, which are arizona-approved continuing education courses in insurance. You will only be exempt from Arizona`s continuing insurance requirement if ALL of the following apply and continue to apply: Non-resident licensees who meet the requirements of their home state are exempt from Arizona CE. However, non-residents may be required to meet Arizona`s long-term care training/retraining and flood insurance training (if your home state requires a state-specific course or has no requirement for any of these courses, attending an NAIC-approved course may meet this requirement). You can earn credits for continuing education requirements from Arizona Insurance by taking a course that has been approved for continuing education in Arizona and is offered by an Arizona-approved course provider. You can search for Arizona-approved courses and course providers on the prometric Arizona Licensees ( website. The information on the Prometric website tells you the total number of credit hours you earn by completing each course and the number of hours of ethics training, flood training hours, or hours of long-term care training you earn by taking the course. For license periods beginning before January 1, 2014, only Arizona-based producers who also hold a non-resident manufacturer`s license in another state during the expiring license term are required to complete 40 hours of insurance training during the license term.

Any questions? You can view the insurance license renewal requirements and continuing education requirements for each state in the National Register of Insurance Producers. Individuals who reside in Arizona and hold an insurance producer license with a significant authority (life, accident and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, or personal insurance) are subject to Arizona`s continuing insurance requirements in certain circumstances (see details below). Insurance training is not required by business units, surety agents, adjusters or others who are not large insurance producers. Adjusters: Resident and non-resident adjusters are exempt from CE requirements. Anyone who teaches an advanced training course for Arizona Insurance must always complete the required number of CE hours to renew their own license. Arizona does not stipulate that instructors in these courses will receive credits on their CE hours, so it is still necessary for instructors to take other CE courses to meet the 48-hour CE requirement. Q: Do I need to take continuing education insurance courses that relate to the lines of authority I have on my Arizona insurance license? A non-resident licensee is not required to complete insurance training in Arizona. This state has issued a notice reminding licensees who sell flood insurance of their requirement to meet the minimum 3-hour training requirements established by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program. It is imperative to meet the requirements of State Continuing Education (CE) to renew an insurance license in the State of Arizona. All authorized residents of Arizona who are not exempt are required by certain CE standards to renew their license every three to four years.

Policyholders must complete at least 48 EC hours prior to their renewal date. At least six of these required hours must consist of ethics courses, unless the resident is exempt. However, a non-resident licensee may need to meet the requirements of LONG-TERM CARE TRAINING or FLOOD INSURANCE TRAINING. Arizona law provides that a non-resident with a valid license in the home state is not required to complete Arizona-approved continuing education courses to renew Arizona`s insurance license in the state of Arizona, and the state of Arizona requires insurance licensees to renew their license every four years. Take one of our affordable online continuing education (CE) courses or purchase a package at the same price and cover multiple areas of authority. Get started today. At CPMI, we have a proven track record. Our insurance training programs are created by insurance agents and managers who work in the industry. Our goal is to offer educational and study programs that are concise and easy to understand.

to help you successfully maintain your insurance licence(s). If their home state does not require long-term care training or flood training, they will also be bound by Arizona`s requirements for those specific products. During the term of the license, complete 48 hours of Arizona-approved insurance training, which must include at least six hours of ethics training, ES, unless you are exempt from the continuing education requirement in insurance. 100 North 15th Street, Suite 102Phoenix, AZ 85007-2624 Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. E-mail: Warning: InsuranceStudy provides this information as a courtesy to individuals who are undergoing training as insurance producers, agents, claims adjusters and/or brokers. While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided herein is accurate and up-to-date, neither InsuranceStudy nor its employees warrant or represent that such information is accurate and up-to-date. All information is subject to change without notice. We recommend that you contact the appropriate licensing authority and/or your carrier for the latest and most personally relevant requirements.

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