A listing of All the Letters regarding Westing Video game by the Ellen Raskin

Dr. Jake Wexler: Their genuine job was a great podiatrist – but truly, he is a bookie (a casino player). Their spontaneity and you may sense of humor are not appearing to match very really together with his wife’s snobbish identification. The guy and you can Jimmy Hoo switch partners regarding the Westing Online game – he is for each and every paired with the fresh new other people’s spouse. Jake is actually kind and you may amicable in order to Mrs. Hoo, which talks little English; although not, the guy soon will get jealous of their wife’s relationship which have Mr. Hoo.

Sophistication Windsor (Windkloppel) Wexler: A beneficial pretentious social climber, Grace Wexler ‘s the niece of Sam Westing. A shallow woman, she dotes towards breathtaking Angela and you may ignores the woman most other ds out-of becoming an internal e, she ultimately realizes that the girl real getting in touch with ‘s the eatery company.

Angela Wexler: That have blonde tresses, blue-eyes and an enthusiastic angel face, Angela is much like the fresh inactive Violet Westing – in more means than that. Angela completed a year regarding college and you can really wants to getting a d wedding which have cosmetic surgery intern Denton Deere. Painfully acquiescent so you can her mother, Angela sparks a good firework bomb in the place of chat tinder platinum satın al away against the fresh new involvement. She results in the hospital if you are the woman cousin is actually blamed to the bombing. Their spouse Sydelle Pulaski is also hospitalized that have injuries away from a keen before bombing.

“Turtle” Wexler: Turtle is actually practical, however, bitter regarding the getting neglected and you can forgotten of the their mom. She takes out this lady fury from the throwing mans shins. However, she finds out a substitute mom from inside the Flowers Baumbach, their partner. Ambitious and you will amount-smart, Turtle identifies you to Westing’s knowledge so you’re able to “pick Westing report products” means to put money into the market. Turtle ultimately gains this new Westing inheritance, but do not suggests the trick of the online game.

Brand new Hoo Relatives

James Shin Hoo: Nicknamed Jimmy, he operates a gourmet Chinese bistro. His correct fantasy was to become a founder – till the Westing business stole their tip. He is unsatisfied together with “dumb competitor” guy and you will dismissive regarding their spouse. Their pairing that have Grace Wexler causes an unlikely relationship. Towards the end of one’s guide, she’s absorbed brand new cafe team while he was revenue a more successful invention.

Sunshine Lin Hoo: A local regarding Asia, “Sunny” was Jimmy Hoo’s lonely spouse. Missed by the most, she finds out a pal in Jake Wexler, the woman video game mate exactly who will teach her English. She would like to visit China in fact it is let down having cooking and you will wear old-fashioned attire. She and additionally resort to taking to save cash into the trip.

Doug Hoo: Doug is a high-school song superstar which will not value effective brand new genetics – he’ll pay for school thanks to athletic grants. Turtle features a good break towards him, however, he despises their as she kicks shins. Their partner and greatest buddy is actually Theo Theodorakis. Doug continues on having a keen Olympic-medal-winning field.

The newest Theodorakis Relatives

George Theodorakis: Nothing of your own heirs, his Westing connection is actually Violet. The guy and Violet, Sam’s daughter, have been childhood sweethearts. However, the girl mommy broke them right up. In the place of wed this lady mom’s options, Violet sunken by herself. Mr. Theodorakis now runs the new cafe in Sunset Systems.

Catherine Theodorakis: A soft, concerned woman, Mrs. Theodorakis isn’t a beneficial Westing heir possibly. This lady top priority is when they win, the cash can be used to assist the girl son Chris, who’s confined so you’re able to an effective wheelchair.

Theo Theodorakis: Theo is actually a dedicated older sibling who wants to make use of the inheritance to simply help the newest handicapped Chris. He thinks the answer to this new Westing Games is founded on an excellent chess video game or towards strange Otis Emerald. Partnered having Doug, they are either aggravated by his friend’s shortage of enthusiasm. Theo provides good crush into the Angela, but works out partnered in order to Turtle later on in life.

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