3.1 Who can I charge for listing?

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Whatsapp number
  • A contact form.

2.5 Speak more languages

Having your website translated into multiple languages can give you more business and offer you another advantage over your competition.

3. Start an escort directory

If you want to avoid all the hassle of running an escort agency, you may start an escort directory where the escorts pay a fee to list themselves. These escort directories are more comfortable to run and can make you serious money.

On the other hand, hundreds of escort directories are online, so you have to stand out from the crowd and come with a unique approach.

Check below, , an escorts directory created for the UK. At the moment, they are not charging for escorts o add their listings in the directory. Another escort directory/ dating website you may want to look into is EasySex.

Both independent escorts and agencies are looking for more exposure in the escort business. Also, you could list photo models, cam models, massage parlors, etc. We will talk more about this in the monetization section.

3.1.1 Independent escorts

Escorts will be able to register on your escort directory site and add their full details. All escorts will have a profile page to add images, descriptions, and more information about themselves and their rates and services.

3.1.2 Agencies

Agencies can add more than one escort profile. All agencies have their profile page showing reviews for that agency and a list of escorts added by that agency.

3.2 What escort directory software should I use?

There are several escort directory scripts available you can use. I will list several here to decide which one fits your needs better.

3.2.1 xScorts

You’ll have everything you need to run a successful, profitable escort site with xScorts! Simply install this script and have your escort site up and running within a few minutes.

Xscorts from costs $399 and comes with free installation, 100% non-encrypted source code so you can hire independent developers to add features or do changes, lifetime support, and free upgrades.

3.2.2 Escort Directory Script

Escort Directory Script from EscortScripts comes https://hookupdate.net/it/jewish-dating-sites-it/ with four templates that you can easily customize. Also, it comes on top of WordPress so that you will benefit from all its advantages like multilanguage, multiple payment gateways, powerful cms, and SEO options.

It comes with some robust features like Google maps integrations (so your users will know the nearest escort location), membership system, private chat, and messaging system, which you will not find in other escort directory scripts. Still, these come with a cost, which at the moment of writing it’s $748.

3.2.3 Escort Directory WordPress Theme

The Escort Directory WordPress theme will help you build your escort directory in hours. There is no need for many configurations, no need for ten extra plugins, just the theme.

This theme comes on top of WordPress and Woocommerce for the payment integrations, so you will be able to install plugins that will take care of SEO, payments, and other features you may want to add.

It costs 169 euro, which in USD, at the moment of writing, is a little over $190, making EscortWP the cheapest option if you intend to start an escort directory website.

Suppose you consider it difficult to install and configure such a script no need to despair. We have you covered: Check our top of the best WordPress maintenance and support services here.

4. Start and monetize an escorts review forum

An escort review forum’s a forum ?? where members post ads about escorts, give reviews, ask questions about services, etc. These forums are not new but have become more popular due to the escort industry’s scams.

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